folding foyer 


site: naples (italy)

client: le nuvole

design concept
:  after the fire of the naples science centre, the foyer of the galileo 101 theatre was damaged. therefore we decided to develop a temporary solution with a fast deployment wooden structure repurposing a container box. the project is the result of a collaborative process involving engineering  and architecture students. the structural system consists of a continuous roof  which integrates digital manufactured shading cinematic panels.

design driver: light - structural system: folding structure - material system: wood 







paolo cascone (architect) with elena ciancio, flavio galdi, giuliano galluccio, andrea giglio, imma politoworkshop students: emma di lauro, federico forestiero, luigi gentile, tullio grasso, giorgio lauro, gianluca montone, laura moscarella, matteo nativo, marco naclerio, alessandra stefanelli, agostino viglione

technical partner:  
Urban FabLab - 
partners: ARUP, Selve del Balzo, Roland, Sintesi Sud, Le Nuvole, DiST, DiARC 





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