grid(h)ome pavillion

site: rome (italy)

client: inarch

team design: paolo cascone (architect) with sofia colabella, bianca parenti, sergio pone (architect) - team construction: p.cascone, s. colabella, b. parenti, s. pone, a. fiore, b. d'amico, i. lupica, d. lancia, s. tapsoba with the workshop students - partners: selve del balzo, cmmkm

design concept
: inspired by the frei otto’s researches and projects about gridhsells and light-weight structures, the project creates a relational space for the garden of the casa dell’architettura of rome. the structure has been designed in collaboration with cmmkm and realized during a two weeks workshop organized by the italian istitute of architecture.




design driver:
 daylight control, passive cooling ventilation- 
structural system: gridshell - material system: wood, recycled plastic panels





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