hacking gomorra // advanced furniture

: milan (italy)

client: milan design week 2016

team- paolo cascone (architect) with elena ciancio, andrea giglio, imma polito and flavio galdi
special thanks - to 3DItaly and solimene ceramiche



design concept: the work exhibited is part of an applied research developed by paolo cascone on the role of advanced technologies for the intervention of urban self-regeneration. the project proposes an innovative approach to the transformation of the so called vele of scampia (naples) through a process of collaborative hacking of the existing building. the structural components conceived for the project of architectural fabrication of the vela become design artefacts (lamps, tables, vessels, shelves exhibited in the gallery) produced through a process of 3d printing using natural and recycled materials. 



the project aims to develop, thanks to the dialogue with ugo la pietra, a critical reflection on the notion of productive cities and on possible application of digital fabrication technologies for contemporary product design and architecture. the discussion with ugo la pietra and paolo cascone will be held by: lorenza baroncelli councilor of urban regeneration of mantua and associate for special projects at the serpentine gallery, maria giovanna mancini professor of art criticism at the urbino academy of fine arts and editor of several books on public art and valentina auricchio adjunct professor at the department of design of the milan polytechnic


wall lamp







wall library







wall library






low table






fabrication process







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