site: sourgoubila (burkina faso) 

client: sourgoubila primary school 

team: paolo cascone (architect) with pascal angel, geoffroy griveaud, christophe lefevre, matthieu de lacvicier, ali benabdellah, ayda bennani-smires, edouard fenet, mathieu quilici, fatou dieng, youssef haddadi, victor du peloux, nadège guion, océane patole, murielle teguel, omar ghaiti, juliette rubel, loubna touzani, marguerite bureau, nina rotter, salwa essoussi construction team: atelier paolo cascone with local community - consultant: la voute nubienne - partner: esa


design concept: the project was developed with the atelier paolo cascone (ESA-paris) in collaboration with the local community of sourgoubila. the design process intended to develop high-tech design / low-tech construction approach to performative design merging computational process within vernacular construction techniques from sahel region. after a research  by design workshop developed in paris based on the use of earth bricks for vaults we have discussed with the village the project of building a primary school playground. the space allows the children of the village to play and study in an overshadowed playground 







design driver: thermal comfort / light - structural system: arches - material system: adobe bricks, weaving leafs panels






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